Hemi-Sync audio technology allows you to open the vibratory windows to the nonphysical universe. 

The technology matches your vibration to the states needed to encounter guides, the tunnel, relatives who already made their transition, sacred beings, your life review, cities of Light and the infinite possibilities of the nonphysical universe. Your curiosity is the only limitation.

The two-CD set comes with a free booklet which guides you through the meditations. 

“This is one of the most amazing and beautiful meditation experiences I have ever had!”

― L. Hartman

"I awoke at 3 a.m....and decided to try out the series....I was able to cross over into the spiritual realm."  

― C. Andrews

“A very good way to meditate. Hemi-Sync is simply a must.”

― Derek Buickel

"It is gentle and easy to use."

― A. Hunter

Scott Taylor

Near-death Meditations™


Into the LightMeditation CD

Into the Light is a two-CD immersion that takes you deep into the realm of the near-death experience. It's designed to give you sense of what it's like to have a near-death experience ― without the fear or physical trauma. 

Created by NDE researcher and speaker Scott Taylor, EdD, Into the Light draws upon the documented accounts of more than 6,000 near-death experiencers. 

Four expertly crafted, guided exercises take you step-by-step into world of the NDE. The exercises use Hemi-Sync® technology to open vibratory windows to the nonphysical.  

The exercises are designed to be listened to multiple times. As a listener, you can expect a different meditative experience each time. Most people find that their life in the physical world is enriched by the perspectives they gain from the nonphysical world. 

Exercise 1: Reunion
You'll participate in a reunion of friends and relatives who have already made their transition to the nonphysical.

Exercise 2: Life Review
You'll relive your life and gain new perspectives on the past.

Exercise 3: Cities of Light
You'll explore the nonphysical cities of Light. The CD also takes you to centers of learning and healing ― plus other areas of personal interest.

Exercise 4: Realm of Knowledge
You'll expand what you know to be possible. Sound impossible? Listen to an audio sample. 

What Is Hemi-Sync?