Scott Taylor

Near-death Meditations™


Who is interested in this type of exploration?

I’ve found there are four main motivations for people pursuing this type of exploration:

  • They are interested in exploring the nonphysical universe and like the idea of visiting the same places as those who’ve had an NDE.

  • Those who’ve had an NDE and want to touch that space again.

  • Those whose loved ones have had an NDE and wish to understand what they went through

  • Those who want to lose their fear of death by knowing, in an experiential way, what awaits them

In addition, all of the above want to be well guided on this adventure and do it safely and gently…not with the shock and trauma associated with “real” NDEs.

Why buy the “Into the Light CD?”

See above. "Into the Ligh" is designed to expose you to several types of NDEs.  These CDs are designed to be used at home and on your schedule. They are perfect for using over and over again.

The music by Jonn Serrie is exquisite and written expressly for this CD. Our intent was that the music enhances and supports the experience. In addition, this album was the first release of a very sophisticated version of Hemi-Sync.

Why attend the “NDE Intensive” retreat?

It is powerful attending a retreat where every person is doing the same exercise at the same time. I believe group energy helps support and propel explorers on their path. It’s fun spending a week with like-minded souls. NDErs find it difficult to share their experience fearing their friends and family won’t understand. At this workshop, everyone is seeking to understand and share their experience. It is a safe and lively atmosphere.

Is there a prerequisite?

No.  Where ever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome.

Is it safe? Will I come back?

There are two simple reasons why you can banish this fear. First, if it’s not your time, it’s not your time. Your guides won’t permit you to say in the nonphysical realm. You’ve got more work to do in the physical world.

Second, even more powerful than the first, are the simple physical needs of elimination and nourishment. These physical necessities will guarantee your return to normal waking consciousness in the physical world.

Will I have a NDE?

These guided meditations exercises are based on a summary of over 6000 experiencers. Underneath my voice are hemi-sync® tones that have been refined and adapted over the last 50 years. The tones used have been shown to assist users in entering levels of consciousness similar to those described on the CD.

Will you have an NDE or NDE-Like experience? No one can assure what another human being will do. However, if you are willing and wear the headphones, you’ll will enter altered states that allow an experience of expanded awareness to happen. The rest is up to you and your desire.

Will I have an OBE?

In the Near-Death Intensive program will practice several types of OBEs. No one can assure what another human being will do.

Will I meet my dead friends and relatives?

That depends on your intent and the intent of your relatives. Everyone has free will.

What's with the kilt?

In order to develop the course and the CD, I had to interview hundreds of persons who had been "kilt" and brought back to life again!" (You may groan now.)

What if I have more questions?

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