“What you seek is seeking you.” 
― Rumi, 13th century poet

NDE Presentations

People from every walk of life are curious about near-death experiences and what we can learn from them in the here and now.

Into the Light CD

This meditative, two-CD set features four expertly crafted guided exercises designed to take you to places frequented by NDErs.

NDE Meditation Retreats

Join me for a unique five-day immersion into the realm of near-death experiences.

​​​Near-death experiencers, called NDErs, have provided a rich map of the nonphysical universe. The millions who have had made this journey describe it with awe and wonder. They are profoundly changed by their experience. You can be too ― thanks to the transformative power of near-death meditations. Join me on a guided tour into the sacred realms of the near death experience ― via meditation retreats, 

CDs or presentations.

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Scott Taylor

Near-death Meditations™

Why Near Death Experience?

Scott M. Taylor, EdD

Scott Taylor is America's foremost facilitator of near-death meditations and retreats, having helped thousands explore the journey of transition. 

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